What is Ink Academy?

Ink Academy is a program in the hubergroup that provides high standards of training in  technical issues of printing. At the same time, business and management skills trainings are also included in the frame of the Ink Academy. which will help our business partners to develop also their own business’


What isn’ Ink Academy?

 Ink Academy trainings are not promotional meetings or any other promotion of a brand’s product  under the name of education.


Who can participate?

All business partners of  hubergroup Turkey can join the trainings of Ink Academy. Additionally all interested printcenter members in the production, technical, procurement and departments can have technical trainings; also  all interested printcenter members in the sales, marketing, management departments of the companies working as both printcenters and distributors can participate in business and management development trainings of Ink Academy.


Where are the trainings held?

General trainings of Ink Academy  are held in  seminar rooms which are  organized for special trainings at hubergroup Turkey Headquarter.Special trainings of Ink Academy are also held in various cities of Turkey according to the demand of printing centers’ own needs


Whats the cost of the trainings?

As in all over the world, the Ink Academy trainings are also paid in Turkey. As you will consider, an education at high standards is a costly business activity


We use our own sources as hubergroup to afford  these expenses. We also request some of this amount from our participants. Your support for the success and continuity of this program is very important and we believe that you will gladly support the trainings at a reasonable level with the high standard of education you are going to receive. 

  • Our trainings are usually close to your location
  • The information from the training is fully documented
  • Our training is limited to a max. number of participants

For the special training programs for the companies’, please contact us from the mail address  tr.inkacademyhide this text@hide this texthubergroup.com